Being able to get dressed and leave your home quickly is something we all want, and as our collections grow, it can be a nightmare deciding what to wear. We can help you with that!

For a small fee, one of our stylists will come to your home and help you evaluate your closet. Working with you to determine what pieces you may want to keep or consign. It's just that simple! We will give your closet a fresh and clean slate by hauling away all your items you want to consign.

Lucky for you, Blogger Armoire's closet clean out service has you covered!

  • Base Package

    Pick-Up | Sorting | Complimentary Hauling

    Our Base package is for those who have already gone through their closet, and just need that second set of eyes to help decide on some things. Our stylist will come to your house, go through the items that have been removed from your wardrobe and those you've chosen to keep. From there we handle the consigning and/or donation of the items you are parting with.


  • Standard Package

    Consultation | Closet Clean | Sorting | Complimentary Hauling

    for those who have a fairly good idea of what they'd like their wardrobe to look like but need a second opinion and another set of hands. The Blogger Armoire team will come and help with your closet clean out process by helping you decide what you should keep, consign or donate. Then we can haul it away for you at the end.


  • Premium Package

    Consultation | Closet Clean | Sorting | Bespoke Organization System | Outfit Coordination | Handpicked Buy List | Complimentary Hauling

    This option is the full package! Just sit back, relax, and let our stylists transform your tired wardrobe into one more functional, clean, and streamlined. We also provide you with a new organizing system that will last and withstand through those rushed mornings.


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Our Approach

On top of helping you clear out unutilized parts of your wardrobe, the goal with our closet clean out service is to help you clarify, develop, and hone your personal sense of style and fill possible wardrobe gaps towards that end.

We always begin the process with an initial evaluation. This will help us collaborate with you to clearly define and understand your lifestyle and needs as it pertains to your wardrobe. This will also provide a framework for what to keep, what to donate, and what to consign. We want to build you a personal system that lasts through the seasons and is convenient for your everyday lifestyle by organizing your items in a visually appealing manner.

What follows the evaluation depends on the package that you select, we offer three different options- something for every wardrobe!