At the inception of Blogger Armoire, the blogger/influencer culture was just beginning to blossom. Inspired by this burgeoning scene, we envisioned our stores as spaces that mirrored the aesthetics of a chic New York or Milan fashion blogger’s closet. Our aim was not just to sell clothes, but to create an environment that feels like stepping into the personal wardrobe of your favorite fashion influencer. This vision shaped our ethos and directly influenced our name—Blogger Armoire.

Blogger Armoire emerged from a clear need: to provide our city's fashion-forward individuals access to luxury and avant-garde designers previously unavailable in our local market. The concept of consignment allowed us to offer a meticulously curated, and ever-evolving selection of the world's finest goods from premier designers in a sustainable manner.

Blogger Armoire was met with enthusiasm right from the start, quickly earning the trust and loyalty of both consignors and customers who had long sought a dedicated venue that appreciated the true worth of their designer items.

Since 2014 Blogger Armoire has seen exponential growth fueled by our fashion-savvy clientele who engage with us both locally and internationally. From delving into designer archives to curating the most rare and coveted pieces from current seasons, our offerings are unparalleled. Our unique and diverse collection has reached fashion aficionados worldwide. This notoriety has allowed our expertise to extend beyond local closets to prestigious wardrobes across North America.

What started as a quaint 1,000 sq ft boutique on Jasper Avenue in 2014, quickly expanded into a larger showroom in the historic LeMarchand Mansion in 2018.

Where we are now

By 2022, we proudly established our largest and most exquisite resale showroom- our flagship store in Edmonton's beautiful Gallery District. Spanning 4,000 sq ft, it houses one of Canada’s most extensive collection of designer resale products.