When you shop with us, you can be sure that everything you purchase has been rigorously authenticated.

Each piece in our inventory undergoes a meticulous inspection process by our in-house authenticators. Only items that are approved with full confidence in legitimacy, by all of our authenticators, are accepted. If there is any uncertainty whatsoever from our in-house staff as to the authenticity of an item, it is examined by a third party authentication service before it is made available to our customers. Further, we require all consigners to submit a valid form of government ID at the time of consignment. 

We understand these iconic designer pieces are an investment! We strive to take the risk out of that investment by ensuring that each item released for sale is guaranteed authentic. This rigorous, multi-point authentication process means that you can shop our stunning collection with complete confidence. 

Blogger Armoire Authentication Service

Have you recently acquired a designer piece from the secondary market and find yourself uncertain about its authenticity? Look no further than the Blogger Armoire Authentication Service. For a nominal fee, our experts provide you with the assurance you need. If your item is found to be counterfeit, our verification process can support claims with PayPal, eBay, or your credit card company, aiding in the recovery of your funds

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Blogger Armoire's Authentication Approach

Our in-house authenticators look for and examine a few main benchmarks of authentic designer goods. Our process starts with a thorough inspection of the materials and craftsmanship, followed by Examination of the finer details like stitching and lettering. Then any labels, logos, stamps and/or codes, found on the item are used to conduct extensive research on the specific style and brand.  Once a match is found, side-by-side comparisons and a final examination are conducted.


Designer pieces are known for elevated craftsmanship. Seaming, finishing, stitching and quilting are closely examined and compared to ensure they coincide with the designers’ standards for quality and craftsmanship.


Each designer uses details that are unique to their brand. Blogger Armoire examines all hardware used for accurate weight and colour. Fonts and markings are all checked for accuracy. In addition to this, we confirm the proper measurements of the style. Lastly, the lining is examined to ensure a direct match with the corresponding style.

Construction Materials

Luxury goods are constructed with some of the world’s finest materials. Our in-house authenticators have a vast knowledge of the wide variety of textile and animal materials utilized in luxury pieces like leathers, furs, and exotic skins, such as mink, crocodile, python, and many more.

Stamps, Text & Serial Numbers

All forms of text on the piece- both printed and heat stamped- are closely examined with the highest level of scrutiny in order to ensure they match the fonts and markings used by the designer. All serial numbers and authentication codes are then checked for validity.